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St. Elizabeth of the Trinity is the merged Parishes of Saint Cornelius, Saint Tarcissus and Saint Thelca parishes and the merged school of St. Thecla and PFGA North.

We have drawn upon the shared heritages of our component parts to build a strong educational community on the Northwest side of Chicago emphasizing a faith-based learning model to guide our students on a path to becoming well-rounded members of the community.


St. Elizabeth of the Trinity’s faculty is a blend of highly experienced veteran teachers and younger teachers bringing the fresh perspective of youth.

All of our staff and administrators are highly educated individuals dedicated to providing diverse viewpoints to our classrooms.

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Average number of students per class


Percentage of 2023 graduating class accepted into selective enrollment or private schools

Finishing position of our Academic Team, 2023 Notre Dame College Prep Academic Bowl


Percentage of Junior High students in National Junior Honor Society, 2022-2023

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