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St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Arts

Practical and Fine Arts

We embrace our interdependence with other people and the world and seek to enrich ourselves through our differences.



The music program allows students to gain a cross-curricular appreciation for music and the arts through singing, moving, playing instruments, learning how to read music, and listening to and studying a variety of musical genres.

Students are introduced to music, composers, and instruments throughout all musical eras from numerous cultures around the world.


Spanish language classes are provided weekly for students in grades Junior Kindergarten through 4th grade and twice a week for grades 5-8.

Spanish will be provided through Discovery Language and they will provide the curriculum for our students.

Physical Education

Grades K-2 work a lot on learning general and personal space through tag games. They also work on gross motor skills. They play cooperative games and learn about showing good sportsmanship.

Grades 3-8 play a lot of team sports as well as continue to work on sportsmanship.


The art program allows students to gain an appreciation for the arts with a wide variety of projects and mediums.

Students are also introduced to an array of artists and cultures from around the world through the lens of art history.

Each week students have the opportunity to express their creativity with well balanced cross-curricular units.

Stem Education

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) classes are an increasingly important part of any student’s education.

At St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, we have a state-of-the-art computer lab as well as a STEM lab.

Our STEM lab includes a 3D printer.

We have experienced staff to pass on their knowledge to the younger generations.


Junior High Electives

As students approach the end of their St. Elizabeth journey, they are able to choose some electives.

This gives them a feeling of having a stake in their education and a sense of choice as they prepare to move on to high school.

Average number of students per class


Percentage of 2023 graduating class accepted into selective enrollment or private schools

Finishing position of our Academic Team, 2023 Notre Dame College Prep Academic Bowl


Percentage of Junior High students in National Junior Honor Society, 2022-2023

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